Some of the pictures in Vincent’s sketchbook, like the one featured here, were uncolored and Donna wondered if her brother had eventually intended to color them in. When Donna sees this picture, she recalls the night she, Frank, and Vincent played music together, and calls it one of the best times of her life–a night she never wanted to end.

“…we played with the record, and then we played it on our own, and one more time with the record. The last time we played the song, it was perfect, and it swallowed us up in one magical gulp and blurred any lines that lived between us. It didn’t matter that Frank would soon be a lawyer and that Vincent made cookies in a factory or that Frank and I would be married and living in a nice house while Vincent stayed alone in his same run-down apartment. It didn’t matter who we were or where we were going because the music leveled everything out, made us indivisible, and let us float gloriously above this world.”