A few years ago, I saw the scroll from the famous Jack Kerouac book On The Road.  This scroll is 30 feet long unrolled!  Seeing it in person made me imagine Kerouac writing his novel, without looking back even once.  I am currently working on my second novel and I am proud to say that I am moving forward without looking back.  This is not always the easiest thing for a writer to do.  It’s tempting to look back but I have learned, from writing my first book, that I can’t start revising my book until I have a book to revise.  Looking back also works to destroy the momentum of moving forward, which is vital in order to complete a novel.  When I feel like looking back, I remember the scroll.  I also consider my characters, who have become like friends to me now.  I don’t want them to have to turn back.  I want them to keep going. I want us all to keep going together until we reach the end.