Reader response theory is a literary theory that focuses on the reader and his experience of the literary work, in contrast to other schools of thought that focus primarily on the content and form of the work.   I am a big proponent of this theory as I believe that a person’s experience of a piece of literature is based just as much on that person’s experiences in his life as it is on the work itself.  That is, each and every reader brings their own life experiences, backgrounds, values to their reading experience, and interprets and experiences that piece of literature, in large part, according to what she brings to it.  Because I support this theory, I am careful in my writing to give the reader enough information without saying too much.  Although I like to portray my characters and settings as vividly as possible, I never want to be overly explicit in my descriptions because I want to allow enough space for the reader to utilize his imagination.  To put something into that space in which I intentionally left empty.  To bring herself into the fictional universe and to really become a part of the story!