An eye-catching cover is essential for grabbing readers’ attention. It’s important that the cover be catchy and appealing while not being too busy. A cluttered cover can interfere with the readability of the words on the page. Importantly, customers must be able to easily read the title. In ensuring that the words are readable, I recommend using a basic font style and making sure that there is enough contrast between the color of the words and the color of the cover.

Consider your potential customer and the type of book you are selling. Your cover should embrace the subject and genre of your book appropriately, so that if your book is a work of science fiction, it should not look like a thriller. The color scheme of your cover should also be fitting to the genre or subject of your book. For example, a book on the practice of meditation should probably not have a bright red cover. The image or images used on your cover should be indicative of the subject and or genre of the book and should invoke a feeling within the reader that grabs his curiosity. The images on both of my books conveyed the major overriding themes of these books.

I strongly recommend that indie publishers use the same cover design for both print and e-book versions of their books. In creating e-book covers, there are some special considerations. You must be sure that words are clear and decipherable in the small size cover that potential customers will be viewing. Various platforms will specify size and resolution of images for covers. Kindle Direct Publisher, like other e-book platforms, also has a cover builder that is user-friendly and free! Speaking of money, covers can get pricey and I’ve seen some designers charging as much as $400. If you’re on a tight budget, check out Fiverr.

Examine various covers of your subject or genre. Be sure to have your cover professionally designed by someone who has had experience in book cover design. A book cover designer’s web site should have samples of their work and be sure to check out such samples before deciding to work with a particular designer.