Landscape is the backdrop against which the story falls.  It can be both entertaining and informative for readers.  Most importantly, it reveals the internal state of the protagonist. The protagonist perceptions of reality change according to what is happening inside her.  In Olive Branches Don’t Grow On Trees, Silvia sees the true beauty in the Cape May sunset and in the lightning bugs in her father’s backyard when she is feeling at ease with her world.  In the beginning of the last chapter, when she enters The Central Cafe, she is nervous and anxious and as a result, she observes the space of the restaurant as dark and confined.

In Discovery of an Eagle, the transformation that occurs within Cosmo is very clearly revealed by the change in how he perceives his world.  His world view begins to open up right after he takes his first step out of the door of his work place in the opening scene.  At that instant, he notices everything outside of his workplace that he has not noticed in years from the colors of the fall leaves to a shiny new trash.  His eyes open much wider after their near fatal car accident and he feels like he is seeing the world for the first time. It appears as if they won’t close again now that they are open.  Or will they?  Soon, you’ll know for sure!