The Greco family is, in ways, beyond mildly dysfunctional, for the patriarch of this family is a severe alcoholic.  Frank’s alcoholism has profound effects upon all of the family members.  It affects them both individually and as a group.  Each is arrested in his or her emotional development in some way or another.  For example, Silvia is incapable of staying still because, while growing up, she and her family were always on the run from her father.  Their family dynamics are also mess.  Before the reunion that Silvia organized, they had not been all together in over six years.  When they lived together, they were constantly feuding.

Life in a severely dysfunctional family can be a very serious and awful thing, which makes having a humorous element in this story vital.   I was sure to incorporate several funny family situations in my book.  I also gave each character personality quirks to add humor.  Vince is so green that he objects to Frank’s purchase of plastic bags, and a fight ensues between them over this purchase.  When Silvia loses her job, Cosmo consoles her by telling her that she’ll find another dead end job before she knows it.  Frank asks Silvia if she got fired from her job, but instead of listening to her answer, he proceeds to chase a bug across the kitchen floor with a broom.  When Silvia tells her father she’s all set to go to the Alcoholic Anonymous meeting, he tells her he’ll go once he finishes his drink.