A good title is a must. As the primary fiction selector for a large library system, I read dozens of book reviews from a variety of reviewing sources–Publisher’s Weekly, Booklist, Kirkus–to name a few. When I see books with banal, cliché, or trendy titles, I am less excited to read the review than when I see titles that are original, clever or catchy. Similarly, customers are also more likely to read on when they see a title that captures their attention. Try not to go for a super long title, as such titles can be difficult to remember. You want your title to stick in a potential customer’s head; one that’s easy to remember and easy to communicate to other potential buyers. This is especially true with fiction books which rarely have subtitles. A good title should not only sound good; it should also capture the theme, central conflict, genre and essence of your book. In that way, it provides important information to readers and becomes an integral part of your story.