I’m a librarian and select fiction for a large library system so I’m constantly reading book reviews in the subject area of fiction. I see many books by authors who seem to be jumping whatever current bandwagon is popular. I’m keenly aware of how badly the publishing industry is suffering and how those in this industry are very afraid to take chances. As a result, many new authors (and even some established authors) are attempting to write whatever type of book they presume will sell. The prospect of writing a book that will be a bestseller or even a seller may be enough for many people, but I could have never written two novels had this been my motivation. By writing from the heart, I was able to write and finish two novels and several short stories and write joyfully every day. External recognition is fleeting and undependable but the process of creating is something that can never be taken away from me. I write primarily because it makes me happy and it greatly enriches my life. This happiness is what keeps me going and will keep me going for the rest of my days.