I didn’t know that Silvia was going to decide to pursue a career as an art teacher; or that Donna was going to change her mind about the family reunion; or that Cosmo was going to do a magic trick for Isabella at the party.  In writing Discovery of an Eagle, I’ve also had many surprises.  I am proud of myself for making characters that are so alive that they can do things and make decisions without me dictating their actions and thought processes.  But there is something much greater than a sense of pride that I feel when a character catches me off guard.  I feel like some sort of divine energy is coming through me.  I experience this same sensation when I get a good line of dialogue or description in my head.  These experiences remind me of a story that I wrote when I was ten years old that was called The Magic Pen.  In this story, the main character had a pen that, when used, would create stories as if by magic.  And indeed this sort of divine experience is magical.