We are and have been in the midst of war for the past several years, and it appears as though there is no end in sight to the current war in Afghanistan.  Both wars that we have been involved in in recent years were completely unnecessary and unjustifiable, and both have left nothing but ruin and sorrow.

I read fiction book reviews for my job as a Librarian, and in the past several years, I have noticed a preponderance of books that are about war, but none that really seem to embrace an anti-war sentiment.  I feel that such literature has been sorely lacking in recent years, and it is ironic that it is lacking considering that we are currently involved in the longest war in United States history.

My novel does embrace an anti-war sentiment in that it is about peace, and specifically about how to make peace.  I have always felt very passionate about this subject. The plot of the book involves a young woman who attempts to bring peace to her constantly feuding family, and in accomplishing this feat, there are several life lessons that she learns. While the story takes place within the confines of one particular family, the lessons that are learned about peace-making can be applied to all people within all families within all countries.  In addition to the universal applicability of the lessons in this book is my strong conviction that peace begins at home, and really, it begins within the soul of each individual person.