After their visit to the Grand Canyon, Silvia and Cosmo head down to Flagstaff. Established in 1882 as a railroad stop, today this lovely little city has a population of just over 67,000 and is home to Northern Arizona University, Lowell Observatory and several ski resorts. Surrounded by mountains, the quaint downtown is filled with cafes, souvenir shops and eateries. They head to the downtown for dinner and afterwards, check into a nearby hostel for the night.

The hostel reminds Cosmo of his college dorm room and triggers memories of his brief stay at college which leads to intense feelings of regret for dropping out of college. As he’s in the midst of regretting, Silvia comes by and drags him out of his room to go to a cafe where she claims they have the best coffee in the world. While at the cafe, Cosmo asks Silvia if she ever has regrets.

“No,” she said. Probably because she was too busy thinking of the future to go into the past. People who spent time regretting were stuck in the past. “Mom regrets a lot. Maybe you take after her. One time I heard her beating herself up for putting Vince in kindergarten too early. He was already in fourth grade at the time, and he was doing great in school, but she thought for some reason that he was showing signs of being in a class that was too advanced for him. And she just couldn’t let it go. I heard her talking to Dad about it one night, and he says to her ‘You shouldn’t feel so bad. You didn’t kill anybody.’ I thought that was one of the craziest things I ever heard Dad say. But I think it helped her, because I never heard her talk about it anymore after that. So maybe you should start thinking that way too. Like, maybe you fucked up, but you didn’t killed anybody.” She laughed and Cosmo laughed too, and with his laughter he was able to forget his regret of dropping out. Frank’s crazy wisdom came through for him. After all, he never did kill anybody.