We have all experienced those special moments in life either through being moved by a particular song, a beautiful sunset, or by having a profound connection with another being.  In Olive Branches Don’t Grow On Trees, Silvia experiences this sort of feeling when she sees the sunset in Cape May.  She and all of her family members experience this feeling in the end of the story when they are all staring at the painting that she made of them.   In Discovery of an Eagle, there are also many such moments of transcendence.

I treasure these times and find that the more special the experience, the more fleeting.  I feel that when I have experienced such moments in life, I have connected with the divine nature that resides within myself and within all living creatures.  One of my biggest goals as a writer is to capture this feeling in words.  In doing so, I’m hoping to convey a feeling of joy that will live within readers long after they have finished reading my story.