Discovery of an Eagle is the story of 28 year old Cosmo Greco’s spiritual awakening.  This awakening is spurred by a near death experience that he has while driving with his sister.  They are on a trip from New Jersey to Portland, Oregon, and the near fatal accident occurs in the beginning of the trip- in Maryland.  After this incident, Cosmo comes to terms with the fact that his own life is finite, and this realization leads to another realization which is that he is not happy with the life that he has been leading and he wants to start living a more fulfilling existence.

He is also forced to grapple with his own fear of death and in doing so, he comes to a higher truth about himself and his life. My desire to express the theme of fear of death was the primary impetus behind me writing my novel.  I believe that this fear is the basis for every terrible thing that exist in our world, from wars to corruption to killing massacres.  I believe that it has never been more important for all people to examine and to recognize this fear.  In doing so, people will be able to live a more whole and satisfying existence, and the world will truly be a better place.

Because of the extreme seriousness of this theme, I’ve incorporated lots of humor, and vivid, soulful descriptions of the American road.  Additionally, it is filled with the same lovable, quirky characters that lived in my first novel Olive Branches Don’t Grow On Trees, and although it is technically a sequel to this novel, it can be read on its own.